Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday Pie!

Today is Mr. L's birthday.  He's not into cake, so I baked him a lemon meringue pie.

This was the first time I got to use my new pie weights.  What fun!

Pie weights

I should take more pictures of the "work-in-progress."

Here's the final result.

Lemon meringue pie

Happy Birthday, Mr. L!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Cozies Just for You!

Don't you just love the first Tuesday of the month -- NEW BOOKS!!!  Hey, and I'm leading the pack with a new audiobook.

HotMurder-400ONE HOT MURDER:  Victoria Square Mystery #3

At the height of the heat wave, a tragic fire strikes Victoria Square. Wood U, a small store selling wooden gifts and small furniture, is destroyed. But the fire may just be a smoke screen—for murder. A body is found among the charred wreckage, and the victim didn’t die from smoke inhalation. He was shot. Now—despite making Detective Ray Davenport hot under the collar—Katie Bonner is determined to smoke out a coldhearted killer…

AudibleAmazon  |  iTunes  |  Tantor Media (in CD)


And from my BFF and Cozy Chicks Blog sister Ellery Adams

Lemon pies-smLemon Pies and Little White Lies: Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery #4

Ella Mae LeFaye’s Charmed Pie Shoppe has become a phenomenon beyond her wildest dreams, providing the enchanted town of Havenwood, Georgia, with spellbinding desserts and magical pies. Her personal life is also heating up as she takes on the responsibilities of leadership within her magical community. In fact, the only thing weighing her down is the fact that handsome Hugh Dylan won’t return her calls…

Still, when Havenwood is rocked by a series of mysterious deaths, Ella Mae must put romantic longings aside—especially when she realizes that the mystical symbols left at each crime scene are dangerously personal. Now she will have to whip up all her supernatural skills to uncover a killer out to settle an ancient score—before the murderer devastates everything Ella Mae is determined to protect…

Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble
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And from another of my Cozy Chick Blog sisters, Duffy Brown

Demise In Denim-smDemise in Denim, Consignment Shop Mystery #5

When Reagan Summerside turned the first floor of her old Victorian home into a consignment shop, she never imagined she’d be harboring a fugitive in her attic. But after a dead man is found in a bathtub and local lawyer Walker Boone is accused of doing the dirty deed, she suddenly has a new houseguest.

Having the lawyer who took her to the cleaners in her divorce settlement—and who has been getting under her skin ever since—in close proximity is enough to drive Reagan to distraction. For the sake of her sanity—and Walker’s freedom—they need to put their heads together to find out who is trying to get the lawyer out of the picture . . .
Amazon Barnes & Noble
Kindle US  | Kindle Worldwide  |  Nook  |  Kobo  |  iBooks

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mmm...oatmeal cookies!

3-18 Natl Oatmeal cookie day

Tori and Kathy know what's important to celebrate -- and cookies top the list. Kathy shares some of her recipes in Panty Raid and With Baited Breath.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dark Waters await ...

Wow -- a lot has been going on behind the scenes of late. Not only are the Victoria Square books coming out in audio, they are now available in e format for the UK, AU, NL, and Ireland.
Also brand new is my latest audiobook from my Jeff Resnick Mystery series, DARK WATERS, which is narrated by Steven Barnett.

DARK_WATERS_audio-smFor Jeff Resnick, the trouble starts with a near-death experience.  Brenda's family comes to visit and one of them reminds Jeff of the thugs who mugged him. His brother has taken possession of an expensive boat.  The yacht holds a deadly secret, one destined to turn his world upside down. Will Jeff solve the puzzle before his vision of near death becomes a reality?

Feathered Quill Book Reviews said "Conflicts swirl like the dark waters of the Niagara."

Available from:

Audible US | Audible UK  | Amazon | iTunes

For information on all the Jeff Resnick audiobooks, check out my website.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Victoria Square Mysteries available in e-format for AU, IE, NL and UK

I'm ecstatic to announce that the Victoria Square Mysteries are now available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.  And look at these beautiful covers!




For more information, you can check out my website.  Click here!

P.S.  Those really are my cats on the covers: Betsy (standing in for Della) and Bonnie (standing in for Mason).

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A purr-fectly lovely cover

As I think I mentioned last week ... the Victoria Square Mysteries are coming to audio.  It's been a long time coming, but a little judicious nagging certainly didn't hurt.

Yesterday, my editor sent me the cover for the first one, A Crafty Killing.  (It'll all be available on February 24th.) To be fair, it was gorgeous. There was just one honking big error. The cat.  It was a ginger cat.  A very handsome ginger cat, but it wasn't Mason, the cat in the story.  Mason is a tabby!

A Crafty Killing-sm1

Well, I let my editor know I was and wasn't happy. It's not his fault, after all, that Marketing ALWAYS gets it wrong!  The new art director was probably just taking a cue from the original cover. (Which wrongly has a ginger cat on it.)

When I didn't hear back from him during the next hour, I wondered if he might start to think I'm some kind of diva. And this audiobook is coming out from Tantor Media (a company that my publisher licensed the audio rights to).  I don't know how he did it, but my wonderful editor asked them to change the cover--and they did!!!!  Color me shocked, but extremely happy.

I think you have to agree, this cover is PURRfect.  I like the fact that Mason is glancing over his shoulder with a wary expression--looking for bad guys

A Crafty Killing-med

I'm liking Tantor Media!  Not only do they produce nice covers, but they actually offer the audiobooks as downloads AND on CD. I have not heard a sample of the book, but I have heard samples of the narrator reading other cozy mysteries, so I think she'll be a good fit.

You can order the audio edition of A Crafty Killing.  Just click here.  (It's also available from Amazon and will soon be available from iTunes and Audible.)

The book and ebook are still available, too, and there'll be more on the horizon, too.

I'll let you know when The Walled Flower and One Hot Murder are available during the next couple of months.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New month -- new stories to enjoy!

I love the first Tuesday of the month -- that means new releases from many of my friends and favorite authors.  Today is no different.  Of course, first up is ... me .. then two of my Cozy Chicks blog sisters, Kate Collins and Duffy Brown.

Crybaby-smCRYBABY featuring Jeff Resnick

Jeff Resnick—babysitter? It wasn’t a reference that had ever graced his personal résumé, but when he’s entrusted to care for his brother’s most prized possession—his infant daughter—Jeff is tested in ways he could never have anticipated. With his girlfriend Maggie unavailable, Jeff has only one person he can turn to for advice when his tiny niece falls ill on his watch.
Kindle US  | Kindle Worldwide
Kobo  |  Nook  |  iBooks  | Smashwords


A_Root_Awakening-smA Root Awakening ... a Flower Shop Mystery by Kate Collins

Now that they’ve tied the knot, flower shop owner Abby Knight and her husband, Marco, want to put down roots. When it comes to picking a house, Marco can’t wait to get his hands dirty, while Abby isn’t ready for a fixer-upper. But conflict really sprouts when they’re checking out a dilapidated Victorian and watch a construction worker take a life-threatening tumble. Since witnesses claim the man shouted for help, suggesting that the fall was no accident, the victim’s flamboyant wife hires Marco to find the person responsible. Meanwhile, Abby keeps secret from Marco her own investigation into the home’s inhabitants, a family whose off-kilter behavior has aroused her suspicions. If only Abby’s very pregnant cousin, Jillian, will stop distracting Abby with false labor pains, she can conclude her own inquiries before Marco finds out…and her case blossoms into a disaster.

Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble
Kindle US  | Kindle Worldwide
Kobo  |  Nook  |  iBooks


Dead Man Walker-smDead Man Walker ... a Consignment Shop mystery
by Duffy Brown

As a mortician beautician and housekeeper, Mercedes is no stranger to corpses or messy bathrooms. But the last thing she expects to find in a client’s bathtub is a dead body! Now she’s a murder suspect and it seems like her life is going down the drain. She turns to local lawyer Walker Boone to get her out of hot water.  But Walker has his own surprising connections to the dead man in the tub, and now he needs Reagan’s help to clear his own name—and keep him alive…

Kindle US  | Kindle Worldwide
Kobo  |  Nook  |  iBooks 


Monday, January 26, 2015

Live and soon to be live ....

Ever since I returned from the Ninc conference in late October, I've been hustling my butt working on a number of projects, some of which are now live and some that are still in the works. (I'll talk about that more in a week or so.)

LIVE -- FROM NEW YORK (okay, Rochester NY) IT'S ....

Cheated_by_death-smCheated By Death in audio!
(Jeff Resnick Mystery #4)

I've got a fabulous new narrator, Steven Barnett, and I'm hoping that we can re-record the earlier books in the series so that Steven will be the voice of Jeff Resnick.

Audible US  |  Audible UK  | Amazon  |  iTunes

To read more about the book, click this link to my website.

As I mentioned last week, BOUND BY SUGGESTION (Jeff Resnick Mystery #5) is also now available in audio.  OMG -- I'm thrilled with Steven's performance. It sure had me on the edge of my seat, and I wrote it!

And out as paperbacks ...

Evolution-SMEvolution: Jeff Resnick's Backstory
There's something about this book that haunts me. I think I've read it six times in the last month. I keep going back to it, and I don't usually go back and read my own stuff. (Although I do like to listen to it on audio in the car.) Maybe it's the whole "coming of age" aspect of the stories.

Not only is the book now available as a trade paperback, it'll soon be available in audio, too. (Again, performed by Steven Barnett.)  I'll let you know when that happens.  So far I've confined distribution to just Amazon because the paperbacks don't sell as well as the ebooks and there are costs associated with distribution (like being forced to not only give hefty discounts, but pay for returns--OUCH!).

To read more about the book, click this link to my website.

Trade Paperback
Kindle US  |  Kindle Worldwide  |  Kobo
Nook  | iBooks  |  Smashwords

I don't know why this book doesn't seem to resonate with readers. It sure resonates with me. Why?  I'm not sure. I just know it, and the second book in the series, JOURNEY, were a heck of a lot of fun to write. I really enjoyed the experience and I thought my readers might be willing to leave their comfort zones to give my character Amanda Shelton a try. But I live in hope.  The sales for Evolution have picked up since the paperback edition came out. I'm hoping Amanda will have the same kind of luck.

If the sales pick up, not only will I squeeze the next book into my writing schedule, but I'll release the series as audiobooks, too.

To read more about the book, click this link to my website.

Trade Paperback
Kindle US  |  Kindle Worldwide  |  Kobo
Nook  |  iBooks  |  Smashwords


SPOILER ALERT:  In the works? 

The audio edition of Jeff Resnick #6, Dark Waters.
The print edition of Tales of Telenia: JOURNEY
The audio editions of the first three Victoria Square Mysteries.
Booktown Mystery #10: (what I'm calling) A Not-So-Fond Farewell

Monday, January 19, 2015

A book to be proud of

Bartlett_BOUND_BY_SUGGESTION_audio-medMr. L has been teasing me for weeks, telling me that I pat myself on the back because I enjoy listening to my own stories as audiobooks.

In particular, I've been listening to the latest Jeff Resnick Mystery which is now available on audio, BOUND BY SUGGESTION.  I've had it since before Christmas and have listened to the complete story at least four times. I've listened to the last 5-6 chapters at least 8 or 9 times.


Because it turns out I wrote a pretty exciting book.
Not all audiobooks are good.  You have to find the right voice.  Example:  The narrator for the first audio edition of Murder on the Mind was ALL WRONG for Jeff, and even worse for Richard. (I never did make it past the first CD because I kept cringing.)

I found the right voice in an audio producer named Steven Barnett (who has also performed Cheated By Death). Steven makes the story leap out of the speakers! The voices of the characters are pretty much perfect, especially Jeff, Richard, and Brenda. (Yeah, he even does good women's voices!)
I am just so proud of the book, and especially this audio edition.  I hope my readers/listeners will be, too.

It's now available from:

Audible US  |  Audible UK  |  iTunes  |  Amazon

P.S.  Steven is already working on the next book in the series, Dark Waters, and will soon begin Evolution: Jeff Resnick's backstory.  I can't wait!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

On the horizon: CRYBABY

Some people give themselves expensive Christmas gifts.  Some just trinkets.  I think most people don't even give themselves a gift. When I give myself a Christmas gift, it's usually time off to write something I really want to write.

This year I gave myself the time to write a short story featuring my favorite character, Jeff Resnick.

Crybaby-smJeff Resnick—babysitter? It wasn’t a reference that had ever graced his personal résumé, but when he’s entrusted to care for his brother’s most prized possession—his infant daughter—Jeff is tested in ways he could never have anticipated. With his girlfriend Maggie unavailable, Jeff has only one person he can turn to for advice when his tiny niece falls ill on his watch.

COMING:  February 3rd

It's available for pre-order now:

Kindle US | Kindle Worldwide

Kobo | iBooks

(It will be available for Nook on February 3rd.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ready for their first big adventure!

Tori Cannon and Kathy Grant have their sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and are ready for a summer on Lotus Bay.

Tori and Kathy BFF

How about you?

With-baited-breath-smTrade Paperback

Kindle US | Kindle Worldwide

Kobo  |  iBooks


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's here at last!

I'm absolutely thrilled because today is the first Tuesday of the month and my new cozy mystery, With Baited Breath, is now available.

The first review is in from Feathered Quill Book Reviews.  It says in part:  "A fabulous start in Lorraine Bartlett’s new series. The author seemed to know exactly how to draw me hook, line and sinker into the tale. There was quite a bit of humor, especially with Gramps on the scene.  The scene has been set and I’m certainly looking forward to reading all about Lotus Bay and some of their not-so-quaint and very quirky residents.

Quill says: Lorraine Bartlett has just taken the word 'cozy' to a new level when she landed her readership on the shores of Lotus Bay!"

Now available

Monday, December 1, 2014

Some holiday silliness.

Gee, I forgot to post these over the weekend.  Hope you like them.

Itchy n scratchy 
Makes me itch just thinking about all those spiky leaves.

I am the letter x

Or maybe she's just a lowercase letter "t".


If she bursts into flames, she can stop, drop, and roll out the door -- and hopefully into a snowbank!

(Stay tuned ... more to come!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And now for something completely different

Would you just look at this little Beefeater?  My friend Gwen sent him to me.  She said, "I stumbled across something that made me laugh myself silly, and I couldn't think of who else might think it was funny but you,  so I wrapped it up and sent it to you."

French knitter

A Beefeater French knitter?

Well, I think he's absolutely adorable.  I'm going to hang him on my Christmas tree. And then he can come and live in my office so I can admire him every day.

Have you ever played with a French knitter?  (I think I did when I was a kid, but I can't be sure.)

Monday, November 17, 2014

I love Public Television

I love public television so much, I've been donating books to the New Hampshire Public Television station's auctions for several years now.

You can bid on autographed copies of Murder on The Half Shelf, Not The Killing Type, and Book Clubbed.

Just click here!  Hurry -- the bidding ends on November 18th.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ready for Pre-Order! A Fatal Chapter

I'm tickled pink that the next Booktown Mystery, A FATAL CHAPTER, is now available for pre-order.

How about this cover?  Don't you love it? I think it's the prettiest so far.  I love Miss Marple in the picnic basket (although, to tell you the truth, Tricia left her at home).

Here's the official back cover copy.

While out walking Sarge, Tricia is led by the agitated dog to a man lying in a gazebo. She’s startled when she recognizes Pete Renquist, the president of  the Stoneham Historical Society, who appears to be suffering from cardiac arrest. When Pete later dies in the hospital, the discovery of a suspicious
bruise and a puncture mark on his arm suggests he may have been murdered.

Haunted by Pete’s enigmatic last words to her, Tricia begins to consider who had a motive to kill her friend. Did Pete take his flirting too far, only to have a jealous husband teach him a lesson? Or did he discover something in the town’s historical records that his killer wanted kept secret? Tricia is
determined to get to the bottom of things before someone else becomes history…

It's good, but misses my favorite part of the plot.  So here's a short version that I wrote.

The Stoneham Historical Society plans to give nighttime tours--ghost walks--of the Stoneham Rural Cemetery, but someone wants to prevent that--taking extreme measures. Can Tricia figure out who is behind the attacks before someone else becomes the cemetery's newest resident?

A Fatal Chapter will be released on June 2nd. It is now ready for preorder from the following places:

Amazon  |  Kindle  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Nook  |  iBooks  |  Kobo
Chapters | Book Depository | Books A Million